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Amnesty 3freedoms

I built this microsite and Facebook app at Circul8 for Amnesty International. The site allows you to add your photo via file upload, webcam or Facebook. You can then adjust your photo within a prison scene. When complete your photo is added to the gallery and a snapshot is posted to your Facebook profile. I was the lead developer for the flash microsite and Facebook app. This campaign recently won a highly commended award in the Best Cross-platform category at the 2011 Aimia awards.

Technical Details: Actionscript 3. Robotlegs & As3Signals MVC framework. Facebook API. API

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Clean Energy Jobs Map

Another Clean Energy Jobs map with Circul8, this time it was for the Climate Institute of Australia. This map is pretty unique as all the map shapes are drawn dynamicaly. Rather than use a prebuilt vector graphic, the Climate Institute was able to supply us with Longitude and Latitude coordinates for the bounderies of Australia and its states. By using the mercator projection formula I was able to convert these coordinates to X Y positions on the fly. The coordinates are stored in a database and are delivered to flash via AMFPHP remoting. The advantage of dynamicly drawing the map is that you avoid quality issues when zooming in and reduce the production time creating custom map areas.

Technical Details: Actionscript 3. Robotlegs & As3Signals MVC framework. AMFPHP remoting.

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Big 5 Drive

This is a game I built at Circul8 for Kenya Tourism UK. The game challenges you to race against the clock through the Kenyan scenery. At the end of each stage your remaining time and jump height are used to calculate your score. If you score big you can make it onto the leaderboard. Rocket propelled speed boosts can be gained by inviting friends to the game. Invite via Facebook-connect and your friend’s profile picture will ride along side you in your safari car. This campaign was highly successful and received 60,000 gameplays in just a few weeks.
I was involved in the game concept, the gameplay design and was the lead developer for the flash game and microsite.

Technical Details: Actionscript 3. Robotlegs & As3Signals MVC framework. AMFphp remoting. Box2d physics. Facebook api.

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Engine Digital

I built this full flash site at Engine Digital, Vancouver. The site is an extensive showcase of the agency. It features sections on the team, case studies, awards and more. The site runs on customised modular framework which allows pages to be dynamic generated from xml data. Deeplinking is utilised throughout the site so that you can link directly to any of these pages. The background of the site runs full-screen flash video.
I was involved with working with Creative directors at Engine Digital to help them engineer a solution to realise their creative vision for the site. I was the lead flash developer for the site.
In 2009 the site won awards for Self Promotion at Applied Arts Magazine and Davey Awards.

Technical Details: Actionscript 3. Swfaddress.

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Vision of Humanity

I built this interactive map at Circul8. The map application is built in flex and is used to render the statical data of various countries peace ranking. The application is connected to a database via amf remoting. When the user selects a different country or year the application also sends the data to an ajax function to update the html data on the site. The site features deeplinking so that you can link directly to any county or year.
I was the senior flash developer on this project and worked closely with the backend and frontend developers to integrate our applications.

Technical Details: Flex 4. Pure MVC framework. AMFphp remoting. Swfaddress.

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Pollute O Meter

I built this microsite at Circul8 in the run up to the 2010 Australia Federal Election. The site was designed as a way to view cllimate policy data for the three major parties. The Climate Institute of Australia supplied us with spreadsheets of numerical data which indicated how party policy could effect Co2 emissions for the next fifty years. Using this information I created customised graph components in actionscript which would dynamically plot the data as line graphs. Combined with adding some floating balloons it made for a great presentation.

Technical Details: Actionscript 3. Robotlegs & As3Signals MVC framework. Twitter api.

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ACF Clean Energy Jobs

This campaign was created for the Australian Conservation Foundation to illustrate how more jobs could be created with green climate policies. Browse the map of Australia, flick the policy switch and see where and how the new jobs would be created.

Technical Details: Actionscript 3. Pure MVC framework.

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Vertilux Blinds

This is a small animation job created for the homepage for Vertilux. Pull the chain to simulate the change from day to night. We spent a long time on the animation of this one and I think it worked out really well. The client gave us allot of freedom to come up with our own ideas and I had loads of fun with our art director dreaming up the animation.

Technical Details: Actionscript 3. Greensock TimelineMax.

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Telus Rock Garden

This microsite was created at Engine Digital as part of the Embrace Certainty campaign for Telus. The microsite featured an interactive zen garden where the users could create their own Path to Certainty by picking up the rake with their mouse and drawing a pattern in the sand. The microsite was also ported to a rich media banner and screensaver. In 2009 this campaign picked up an award from Applied Arts Magazine.
Technical Details: Actionscript 2. BitmapData drawing.
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Raise your hand

This website was created for Worksafe BC. The site allowed users to create their own customised badges online using the tool we developed. Once the badge was created it was added to the gallery. The gallery was designed as a map of the hand which you could zoom and navigate around. In 2009 this site picked up an award from Applied Arts Magazine. Unfortunately this site is now longer live so you’ll have to use your imagination with these screenshots.

Technical Details: Actionscript 3. Bitmap collision detection. Bitmap capture.

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