Dark Intellij 11 color scheme for actionscript

I recently upgraded Intellij from version 10 to 11. Jetbrains have upgraded he syntax colouring for actionscript and javascript in this version so it is now separated ( in version 10 it was combined). This is great except they never wrote an import script for bringing your actionscript colours from version 10 over to 11, if you try it you are are going end up with a hot mess. I’ve manually recreated what I had previously by hand. If you like dark scheme’s then download this one, you know what they say: once you go black you never go back.


Ant task to terminate Flash Player Debugger

I’ve just switched over to IntelliJ as my actionscript editor. The IDE is great, really fast with some great features. Check out the review over at Flash magazine.
They only recently introduced actionscript support so its still kind of light on customisation for developing with the Flash platform. One thing that was driving me nuts is that when you debug a swf it always opens in a new window. There is no close previous player or terminate process. However this easy enough to achieve with an Ant script. Add the following to your build script and then in the project debug configuration, choose run Ant script before launch.

<target name="closeDebugger">
		<exec executable="killall">
		    <arg line="-9 'Flash Player Debugger'" />

This will kill all the Flash Player’s that are open. Its pretty dirty but it works well. This is a unix command, so will only work on Mac or on a Pc with Cygwin installed.