Water droplet effect

This is an example of how to use the actionscript displacement filter and bitmapData to create a sliding water droplet effect.

example here

actionscript 3 source here

Flash 3D models

I’ve been playing around with latest version of Papervision. I found this great tutorial on how to load Collada mesh models. Here is a little swf I mashed up. It uses 2 collada models but groups them together as one object with actionscript. Tweener is used to control the animation and mouse events. You view the AS source and DAE model files here.

This movie requires Flash Player 10

Paperskate 3D

(flash + skateboarding) * 3D = awesomeness

Checkout this awesome little flash game built on papervision 3D. Its a very simple idea but pretty effective, lets hope he keeps the development going and takes it to the next stage. If I was this dude, I’d try and market the idea to Tech Deck.

iTube source svn

I have added the iTube source files to googlecode svn.

The current dev version has a fullscreen and link to youtube page feature. I still haven’t been able to get the syncing feature to work. The widget crashes everytime I try and send the audio time to flash using SetVariable :(

If anyone is interesting in contributing to this project, let me know and I’ll add you as a member on googlecode.

New portfolio online

portfolio 2008

It amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t work. My new portfolio of selected flash and front-end development sites I have worked on over the past few years is now online. For all the geeks: there is a link to the actionscript 3 source. The link is in a not so obvious but logical place, have fun finding it.