Away3D BezierPatch

image warp

I’ve been playing around the BezierPatch primitive in away3D recently. It works in a similar way to the bezier surface i created. Its quite easy to create some very interesting effects. The source for this is on wonder.fl so fork it and make it your own.

BezierPatch away3D – wonderfl build flash online

Warping Bitmaps with a Bezier Surface

image warp

If you have read my previous posts on drawTriangles, you will see that I love warping images. I decided to take this a bit further by using a Bezier surface. A bezier surface or bezier patch can warp a grid by using a set of control points. The control points in this example are the red circles, the grid can be seen by clicking the show grid checkbox. Try dragging the controls points to create your own warp or just sit back and watch the show.
There is also a method for doing this using away3d plus checkout this 3d surface built using nurbs.

This movie requires Flash Player 10

You can view the bezier surface in action on this client project I worked on recently. The surface was used to create chewing mouth animations from user’s facebook photos.