Watch music video clips with any song in iTunes.

Stereoclip is a music video player that works with iTunes. When you are playing any song in iTunes Stereoclip will search YouTube and play the music video which matches that song. There is no setup required, simply start playing a song in iTunes open Stereoclip and it will automatically search for and play the best video match. When the song changes in iTunes Stereoclip will then search for the next video.

Stereoclip is built with Adobe Air 2.0 and uses the Native Process API to communicate with iTunes. Stereoclip now works on both Mac and PC.

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(version 2.104 8 Feb 2012)

2.104 for Mac OS X
2.104 for Windows

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Known issues and bugs

  • Windows users: if you get an error when you try updating the app thats says “the application has been misconfigured” Try removing the old verison using Windows Add/Remove programs.

New features in version 2.1

  • Thumbnail selector for the first ten video matches on youtube.
  • Like video. Save the video match to the Stereoclip Database.
  • Video / Audio time syncing.
  • Fullscreen mode (right click)
  • Setting panel


#1 samara on 11.26.09 at 5:06 pm


#2 Medfordite on 12.06.09 at 12:03 am

Works pretty good in Snow Leopard 10.6.2, hope to see some of the same features as in your iTube widget such as the ability to poll Itunes every 1/4 second. This for me got the best sync over the 5 second delay that I see when changing songs.

Keep up the great work on your software!!

#3 Vivi kay on 05.20.10 at 12:58 pm


#4 gaz5021 on 11.12.10 at 7:03 am

Awesome, 0.2beta working perfectly. Thanks!

#5 omlit3737 on 12.12.10 at 4:58 pm

I keep getting the Loading Video Line, and a video never comes up, i was having the same problem with the iTube Widget and that’s why i downloaded this new one. it used to work great for me, i don’t know what’s going on.

#6 phil on 01.10.11 at 4:39 am

Should be fixed now. Thanks to the guys NGcoders for supplying the sample code to extract the video url,

#7 gaz5021 on 01.23.11 at 3:44 am

All I get now is “Error searching YouTube. Error #1009″.

I think it worked for one day last week and then stopped. I am running a brand new install of Snow Leopard from a usb drive, if that might have anything to do with it.

#8 phil on 02.06.11 at 12:24 am

@ gaz5021 thanks Gaz should be fixed now

#9 gaz5021 on 02.06.11 at 1:44 am

No worries, working perfectly again. Smooth as PRS. Thanks.

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#13 garyp on 05.17.11 at 12:46 am

Absolutely brilliant – the holy grail for those of us who like viewing clips with their itunes music – great for parties

How about an iphone app ?

#14 Davey on 07.21.11 at 12:07 am

I can’t live without this app while I’m working on projects late night. Having a dual-monitor setup makes it even sweeter!

Quick question: Can we add more track sources instead of just iTunes? I use Spotify and would LOVE to make that my main track source while using Stereoclip.

Keep up the great work!

#15 phil on 07.21.11 at 12:12 am

Ya i think so, there an api so I should be able to pull the play history from there. I’ll add it in the next update as i want to add Groveshark and sources too.

#16 Jay on 11.19.11 at 5:27 pm

I get the following error when it looks to sync
Error searching YouTube. Error parsing result 0 matches found.

#17 Richard on 11.27.11 at 9:39 am

I can’t get it to work at all. It just says “Error searching Youtube. Error parsing result. 0 Matches found” I’m using Lion 10.7.2, if that has any bearing.

#18 phil on 11.30.11 at 7:00 pm

latest version, should fix these issues.

#19 User on 12.02.11 at 5:07 pm

Real fullscreen! Man, this is huge! Highly appreciate that :)

#20 Takeo on 02.04.12 at 8:47 pm

From recently,I tried to connect this app playing i tune’s tune,but the message that displaying”error loading You Tube video “is shown.IS it only me??I tried to re-install and clear cash.But situation doesn’t become good.I really like this app,so please tell me what can I do!

#21 phil on 02.07.12 at 6:32 pm

Thanks for letting me know, I’ve updated it and it should be working again.

#22 Takeo on 02.08.12 at 4:56 pm

Thank you for solving!My Mac life will get more exciting.I’m so happy now.

#23 takeo on 06.23.12 at 3:32 pm

Following the massage displayed.”Error searching YouTube. Error parsing result 0 matches found.”Every track is same.My Mac is “Version 10.7.4″.ANd “New Mac book Air”.Please improve soon.

#24 Takeo on 07.17.12 at 1:08 pm

No image can’t be found.When “Mountain Lion” is Released,please improve as soon as possible.

#25 Takeo on 08.03.12 at 5:01 pm

This app no longer work.Please operate version up soon.

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