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New HTML5 Portfolio

portfolio screenshot
This week I put my new portfolio site live showcasing some of the client work I’ve done over the past two years. I decided to it would also be a good opportunity to skill up on the latest advances in html5. The concept behind the site was to create a typically Flash style experience but using javascript/css3 and html5 instead. The most interesting feature of the site is the fullscreen animated background. This was created using the EaselJS library to draw colors and shapes to a canvas element. You’ll need a modern browser like Chrome, Firefox or ie9 to view this feature. The site is also compatible with mobile and iOS devices. Unfortunately these devices do not have enough power to run the background animations at a decent framerate so make sure you checkout it out on a desktop too. There is also a fun easter egg embedded in the site, have fun trying to activate it.

This site was awarded site of day at Awwwards on 19th Aug 2011.