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HTML5 Musical Balls


Wow its been over a year since I last blogged. Anyways, here is something fun I put together today. Its a bouncing balls collision animation. When the balls collide they play a familiar tune. Make sure you try it on your iPad or iPhone as the sounds work via the web audio api (on iOS6+) and tilting the screen will change the direction the balls are traveling.

Demo here.

Source code here.

Australian Income Tax Calculator

PayCalc is a new app I created for iPhone. It allows you to enter your total income and you can quickly view your net income across any pay period, Yearly, Monthly, Weekly etc. You can also calculate your income in reverse for example, you can enter your net income per week and then view your gross income per year. Its quick and simple to use, its free for a limited time so head over to the Apple store to download it.