This is the blog for Philip Andrews. I am a freelance flash and html5 developer based in Melbourne, Australia. Here you can find examples of my flash experiments and Stereoclip app. For my latest client work checkout my portfolio.
If you would like to see my profressional experience please checkout my LinkedIn profile or to get in contact leave a comment below.

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#1 Adam on 06.23.11 at 8:01 am

Hey there!

Is there any way I could take a look at the source AS files for the “Warping Bitmaps with a Bezier Surface” post? I have an experiment I’m trying out and I think what you have done will give me a good lead. I am attempting to avoid complicating it further with away3d (from what I understand, you didn’t use away3d for the bezier surface example). I am enjoying your experiments. Keep up the great work!


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